Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen Provides Successful Results for Our Younger Patients

Is your teen bummed out about having to undergo orthodontic braces treatment? Invisalign Teen™ gives your teen a whole new way to wear braces for a “clearly” amazing smile that won’t bum them out.

The new Invisalign Teen™ Orthodontic system is proudly offered at Browne Goetz & Miraglia in Mount Kisco, New York, straightens your teen’s teeth with custom-made clear aligners. Invisalign is comfortable and practically invisible – one million teens worldwide have chosen Invisalign Teen™ as their orthodontic choice for teeth straightening.

Ben Miraglia, DDS of Browne Goetz & Miraglia is one of the top Invisalign practitioners in the country. Dr. Miraglia is an Invisalign Faculty Member, which is an elite group of 21 dentists and orthodontists who are responsible for all of the Invisalign educational training programs throughout the country. Dr. Ben Miraglia has published several complex Invisalign cases, teaches internationally for Invisalign and was awarded “Educator of the Year” for Invisalign in 2013.

About Invisalign Teen™ Orhtodontics: Invisalign Teen™ has been developed with teenagers, parents and leading dentist and orthodontists who understand the active lifestyles and unique treatment needs of orthodontic teenage patients. The Invisalign Teen™ aligners are made with the same Invisalign technology used for Invisalign aligners (Invisalign Adult), moving teeth gradually without the need for metal or wires.

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Invisalign Teen

How do parents know their teen is wearing the aligners?

On each aligner there are two blue dot wear-indicators, which fade over the two week period to show how long your teen has been wearing that set.

Because teens (and their mouths) are constantly on the move, there are a few special features to Invisalign Teen:

  • Blue compliance-indicators fade from blue to clear to help your dental provider, you, and your teenager to gauge wear time.
  • Special features are now designed for canines, second premolars and second and third molar teeth.
  • Six free individual replacement aligners are included in case any get lost or misplaced.

How does Invisalign Teen™  orthodontics Work?

  • Based on our diagnosis, a series of aligners are custom made in a laboratory using advanced 3D computer imaging technology.
  • Each Invisalign Teen™ aligner is worn for 2 weeks, removing them only to eat, drink, brush and floss.
  • As each Invisalign Teen™ aligner is replaced, gradual movement of the teeth occur resulting in a straighter smile.
  • You will need to visit Browne Goetz & Miraglia every 4-6 weeks so that we can ensure all necessary movements are occurring.
  • On average Invisalign Teen™ treatment lasts 6 to 15 months.

Meet Dr. Ben Miraglia

Elite Preferred Provider & Invisalign Faculty Member


  • United States Dental Institute – 2007
  • Residency: Danbury Hospital, Danbury, CT. General Practice Residency 1993-94
  • Dental School: SUNY at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 1989-93 DDS degree


  • American Dental Association
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry


  • Americas Top Dentists 2014
  • Invisalign Educator of the Year 2013
  • Westchester Top Dentists 2011, 2012 and 2013
  • Finalist – Invisalign Case Gallery 2011

Why Invisalign Teen™?

  • No one can tell you are undergoing teeth straightening.
  • Invisalign aligners can be removed easily so that you can eat and drink what you want.
  • Its comfortable as there are no metal wires or brackets to cause mouth abrasions.

If you have any questions for the Browne Goetz & Miraglia or would like a complimentary Invisalign Teen™  consultation with the best in class Mount Kisco dentists then please feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation:

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